The 6 Best AeroPress Recipes for Espresso

Some say the AeroPress can't make a true espresso. But it can certainly produce a strong cup that mimics one. You can either enjoy it straight, or use it as a base for other drinks. For example, add hot water to make an americano, or steamed milk for a cappuccino or latte. Some like to just heat their milk in the microwave, but you can take it to the next level using a milk frother or stovestop steamer (such as the Bellman). If espresso is your method of choice, we recommend getting the Fellow Prismo attachment, which uses a valve to increase the pressure while plunging. It's not quite to the level of a proper espresso machine, but it's a pretty good substitute that's much cheaper and takes up a lot less space!

Photo of an AeroPress coffee brew, Espresso-Like


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